December 19, 2011

Facebook Timeline cover photo size and tips


If you a new face­book Time­line user, hope this tips will  save your time.


What is Face­book Time­line Cover Photo & size?

850×315 (850px wide and 315px height)

As you already acti­vate Face­book Time­line time to get the new Cover Photo which serves like a header image of your Face­book page and is a great oppor­tu­nity to use a large 850px wide image to show­case a unique image about your life, or events.

Choose Cor­rect Face­book Time­line Cover Photo Size

The new Face­book Time­line cover photo size is 850×315 (850px wide and 315px height) and this new Face­book Cover image dimen­sion size has ini­ti­ated a new craze of 850x315px Face­book wall­pa­pers across the web as many free wall­pa­per sites are encour­ag­ing Face­book users to choose their Face­book Cover art.

What Cover Image size  to use?
Its is a good idea to upload a high res­o­lu­tion image with exact size of 850px wide and 315px height which fill fit per­fectly.
What is the min­i­mum width of the Cover Photo?
Offi­cially Face­book FAQ says your cover image must be at least 720 pix­els wide. Smaller images will get upload errors. I tried to upload a smaller image and got a mes­sage to upload cover photo at least 399px wide. I was able to upload images 399px wide and above (which were zoomed out and could not be repo­si­tioned). Any image height is accepted it seems.

What if you use cover photo of any other size?
Firstly Face­book Cover pho­tos below allowed size will not be accepted for Cover Photo upload. If you upload any other size, Face­book  will be forced to resize / vir­tu­ally crop the image, which will make it dis­tored and pix­e­lated. Upload the exact size.

Can you crop / edit the Cover Photo?
Face­book will only allow you to repo­si­tion the Cover image if you upload a larger image . For most large images, this will work more like mov­ing the image ‘up and down’ till you get all the area of your inter­est in the fixed size of 850×315. Then you can save your Face­book Cover.

Can other peo­ple save Cover Pho­tos?
This image is vis­i­ble for pub­lic use and can be saved. What is impor­tant is that this is like a vir­tual crop, so if peo­ple decide to right click and save your Face­book cover, they will save the full uncropped image. e.g. if you upload a big full size photo of your­self, and then decide to make the head as you cover photo, peo­ple sav­ing the image can see the full image. So its a good idea to upload the exact size.
Remem­ber all cover images are pub­lic, so choose wisely as all will be able to see them.

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